Patio Rooms

There’s an unseen world of beauty waiting for you right outside your back door.  A private, intimate world you can marvel at, alone with your morning coffee, or together with friends, and family.  It’s there, waiting to be seen.  Waiting to be enjoyed.  Waiting for a Window Depot of Utah’s Metals USA Sunroom to make it picture-perfect.  Adding a Metals USA Sunroom to your home isn’t just a home improvement, it’s a lifestyle improvement. One that becomes a focal point of activity – a sunshiny place where everybody feels more comfortable, more peaceful, and more energetic. Metals USA has everything you need to create that special place – quality materials, expert workmanship, a limited lifetime warranty, plus design flexibility so that you can “customize” your new living space to suit your specific needs.

Patio Room Options

Patio Rooms can suite your specific needs to be used such as:

  • Entertainment Area
  • Home Office
  • Game or Play Room
  • Private Retreat
  • Sanctuary for Pets
  • Hobby Room
  • Exercise Room

Design Choice Questions

There are a number of factors to consider to ensure that your Sunroom will meet your needs and expectations for years to come.  To start, help us plan appropriately, consider these questions when making your design choices.

  • What direction will the room be facing?
  • How much direct sunlight will it get?
  • Will you use the room seasonally, or year round?
  • Is it large enough for your planned activities?
  • What about traffic flow, entrance doors, ceiling fans, and electrical outlets?
  • Have you decided on a color scheme?
  • Which of our Sunroom styles do you fin most appealing?

Download Brochure

Learn more by downloading  the PDF brochure below which covers Patio Room Styles, Designs, Roof Systems, Walls, Windows and more.

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